International Convention
May 1 - 3, 2020
Broomfield, CO
Omni Interlocken Resort
Fall Convention
Thurs. Nov. 7, 2019
Fort Meyers, FL
Barden's Angels
Thursday, January 30, 2020
Spring Co. Meeting
Thursday, Mar. 5, 2020
Pelican Pointe
Venice, FL


Board and Committee Members


PRESIDENT – KAY LYNDAHL – I joined Questers in 2012 as a member of Nautilus chapter #909 serving as Secretary and have held this “post” until this past spring. I had the privilege of serving as Publicity Chair on the Core Committee for the 2017 International Convention held in St. Petersburg, FL. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and lived in Michigan for 25 years before returning to Wisconsin and later (2005) as a resident of Florida. I still love my summers on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. I’ve acquired many collections over the years, mostly from my mother and grandmother but never thought I’d be a Quester. This organization has made me more aware of what I collect and the history that goes with it. My tiny demitasse cups and saucers are very dear to me and treasured because my grandmother willed them to me. Hopefully, I can continue with the education, restoration and history of this great State of Florida as the President and share our organization with all.

1st VICE-PRESIDENT – JUDITH ANNA KOUTSOS – Originally from Long Island, NY, my husband, James, and I built the Spartan Restaurant in New Port Richey (1970). We have 6 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. As the owner of a popular Bridal Shop for 25 years, I also did all the baking at the restaurant and was organist and choir master in local churches in Florida and in New York for 55 years. With a Masters in Music, I also served as conductor of an orchestra and choral society in New Port Richey for 15 years. Having played pipe organs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in large cathedrals, I also performed in world tours. While a teenager, I was organist for the Billy Graham crusades in Madison Square Garden, NY (1956-57). I’ve been the recipient of the Eminent Pioneer for Pasco County and Penelope of the Year for Florida. My collections include Bells, Lighthouses and Bridal dolls – 2 of which are Princess Diana and Princess Kate in exact replicas of their wedding gowns. I joined Questers 5 years ago and have served as secretary for 2 years, Hospitality Chair for the 2017 International Convention and am presently serving as President of Clayton Woods #808.


TREASURER – LYNN CARR - I have been a Michigan Quester since 1972-that's 34 years I've been questing! I supported Michigan Questers as their State Treasurer and went on to be Michigan State President 2003-05. From 2009-11 I served as the International Treasurer attending board meetings at Quester HQ in Philadelphia. I am a snow bird. I joined Survey Creek #1392 3 years ago and continue to maintain Michigan ties as an associate member of Cherry Hill #32. I have many collections. Royal Doulton figurines are my favorite passion closely followed by the romance of tea including any item used to serve tea. The list includes tea caddies, tea caddy spoons, cups and saucers, biscuit jars, jam jars, linens, I am always interested in learning more about the world we live in.

RECORDING SECRETARY – PATTY TOWNSEND - After graduating from Michigan State University, I worked at the IBM Corporation for 49 years with 13 of those years as I.T. consultant, specializing in operating systems, subsystem implementation, debugging and performance analysis. I also served as officer in various clubs and organizations, from President, vice president, treasurer, secretary, Director on the Board and Junior Achievement Advisor. I joined Questers six years ago, originally with the Cherry Hill chapter #32 in Michigan. My collections include Russian Boxes, Lladros, Royal Dolton Pretty Ladies. I then branched out to dolls including Madam Alexander, Alfred Mann, Effanbee story book dolls and Cabbage Patch dolls. Since moving to Florida, I joined Survey Creek #1392 and have added collecting China pieces and continue to enjoy all kinds of historic pieces from furniture to pottery.

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY - MOONYEEN BONGAARDS - The first year I joined the Lake Minnetonka, MN Questers, we hosted the MN State Convention.  I quickly learned about the organization and have enjoyed it ever since. When retiring to FL, a neighbor invited me to join Treasured Memories # 1096 .  Not being raised in a "collector" family, it took me until young adulthood to appreciate "old stuff".  My parents, the original minimalists, furnished their brand new mid-century modern homes with brand new mid-century modern Heywood Wakefield  blonde furniture (now very collectible, but who would have ever guessed?).  My dad was an Air Force pilot, and he was transferred every 3 years, so we had to travel light.  While we couldn't collect material things, we instead collected wonderful memories and a love of geography and history as we traveled the country and visited every historical site and national park in the lower 48.   It wasn't until I married that I discovered the delights of what was to be found in a huge attic and cellar of an old Boston house that had sheltered the same family for generations.  The joy of finding old furniture, brass spitoons, gaslight chandeliers, and old trunks full of family pictures, linens, and artifacts opened a whole new world to me that complimented my love of history.  Coupled with a wonderful mother-in-law who taught me about collecting, and my Iove of sewing and fabrics learned from my mother, I quickly discovered the fun or refinishing and reupholstering lovely old pieces.  One thing led to another, as they often tend to do, and I have enjoyed collecting many different things from blue and white china, glassware, crocks, wicker and MN wildlife art.  I look forward to working with the State Board and with Questers who love "the hunt" as much as I.



PRESERVATION & RESTORATION – ANN MEVERS - I grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, spending summers with my grandparents.  My grandmother taught me family history as well as about the U.S. and what was around us.  Thus the beginning of my interest in history.  At one time, I owned a store selling sewing machines so am adept in that area.   In the 80s, I spent two years taking Interior Design, studying architecture and furniture.  I've been a Quester for 31 years, serving several posts on the Florida Board from Sales & Resources Chairman, to 2nd V.P. and recently just finished my term as Florida President.  I've also served as Treasurer and Chapter President (2nd go-round) and Recording Secretary in Ohio.  I collect antique glass, glass hats, demitasse cups and several other items which catch my interest.


PUBLICITY – COLETTE ROBBINS - I’ve been a member of the Questers since March 2018.  Yes I’m a newcomer.  I became aware of it a year before and hoped to be invited to join. Questers is right up my alley.  Anything, call it Historic, old, quaint, unique that does it for me since I was very young.  Love all the charm and attention to detail of all things “gone by”.  I collect hand painted China,  Limoges boxes, boxes in general, furniture. 

I have 3 children, 4 grand children. I’m lucky they all live very close by.   I was born in Richmond,Va. , raised in Connecticut. 

So glad to be a part of Questers, it is so “unique.”  There is always something knew to experience, That makes me happy. 

HISTORIAN - HELEN DENNIS - Being an antique buff and enjoying the search and study of them, Questers has played an important role in my life. In 1984, I joined a Quester chapter in Worthington, Ohio. Upon becoming a snowbird in 1996 and then ultimately moving to Florida, I continued with my membership in The Questers. I have served both my chapters and the state of Florida in many positions. The Office of Third Vice President at the International Board was another position I served. Questers is a fun organization with likeminded people. Many of my friends are Questers. It is truly "fun to search and a joy to find"!

NEWSLETTER EDITOR – LINDA GOSHORN -The Questers organization has been a part of my life for many, many years. I’ve served the organization in many areas from the Florida State Executive and Appointee Board to serving on the International Executive Board and finally serving as International President from 2002-2004. At the present time, I am the Editor for the State Newsletter, the Cracker Crumbs and enjoying the new challenge. Upon saying yes to the organization once again, a new task will begin shortly as International Chairman of the Special Revision Committee for Bylaws. I highly recommend saying “yes” to the organization. It is a challenging and rewarding experience.

BARDENS' ANGELS – FRANCINE WEBB - As a Canadian Quester transplanted in Florida, I immediately felt welcome by Florida Questers. Although I miss the north’s four seasons, I must admit that Florida weather is more conducive to sailing – an activity enjoyed by my husband and I. While in Canada, I served various positions in my chapter (South Shore Seekers), including President. I also served on the Ontario Board and on the 1998 International Convention Core Committee. Since my arrival in Florida, I’ve served as Chapter President for Nautilus #909, on the State Board as 1st VP and as President. Because of my career and experience in the Tourism Industry, I also had the honor of chairing the 2017 International Convention and am proud to say that I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of dedicated Questers. In terms of antiques, my collections include antique fans, hat pins, perfume bottles, Hand Mirrors, Kokeshi, Cricket Cages and most recently, expansion of my kaleidoscope collection. I love the element of surprise, the magic and the explosion of colors they provide. More than anything though, I especially treasure the friendships made through Questers and enjoy learning about Florida’s history.

RESOURCE AND SALES – JANIE YOUNG – As the Resource and Sales Appointee to the Board, I am tasked with choosing and selling items approved by the Board for the benefit of the Florida Preservation and Restoration Fund. These items are sold at Questers State functions and at international Conventions. As a member of Lovie Pritchard Chapter #561 since 2012, I have served as Secretary and President. I also served on the Core Committee for the 2017 International Convention held in St. Petersburg, FL. Attending every International Convention of the Questers since joining has been a wonderful experience. I recommend it highly to everyone. I am a native Floridian and would like to be a part of preserving what remains. I’m not really a collector but enjoy antiques in general with cut glass being a favorite of mine. I also enjoy traveling and learning about other countries.

TELLER – JODY STANLEY - I became a Quester in 1963... yes, I've been a Quester for 54 years.  My Chapter is Ponce de Leon #183 - the second Chapter to be formed in Florida and I am the only Charter member! As an active member, raising 4 children, I've held every office in our chapter at least twice.  When I was asked to be on the State Board, I was honored and managed to hold each office in turn.  I was also Chairman of the 1997 Int'l Convention held in Orlando.  It was a challenge as there were (and still aren't) any Quester Chapters in that area.  No problem... we love driving!

I'm married, have 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  I've been a volunteer at Heritage Village for over 25 years and was President of the Historical Society for 3 years.  I retired last year due to health reasons and because I am no longer driving.  I love antiques and have too many collections.  My loves include miniature lamps, Meissen china, cobalt and cranberry glass, chickens (I was raised on a Poultry Farm near Buffalo, NY), Kachinas (from my sister in NM) and Lenox birds.  Some of us don't know when to stop and so I've been State Teller for several years now.  I wish I knew how to say "NO" but Questers don't recognize that word and we always say "Yes"!